Deer Hunting in Decatur County Iowa
Discover how Hunting in Iowa can be an experience of a lifetime.
If you love to hunt - come hunting in Iowa!
My husband has been hunting in Iowa all his life. I also enjoy hunting and photographing wildlife and I built this website. We taught our three children to truly appreciate the outdoors as they learned to hunt.
Most of us learned to hunt when we were children. As adults, we go afield to recreate a small part of our childhood, to free our minds from the every day hassles and worries of adulthood.
The change from city to wild country - from noise, chaos, dirt and foul air to silence, quiet, cleanness and purity - comes with that sweet breath of God's Country.
The wonder of wild animals in their native habitat causes our excitement to run high. What a magnificent thrill the stalk and chase of the hunt is! Every day we hit the woods with an extra beat in our heart and a little sweat in our palms, because that day might be the one - the day we meet our dream buck!

A 17 Point Mature Whitetail Buck can make your heart pound and your palms sweaty.
We are lucky enough to have lived in Southern Iowa all our lives. We spend a lot of time out in the river and creek bottoms, oak ridges, thick timbers and bordering cropland and hay meadows. We revel in seeing the beauty of this country and its diverse wildlife - whitetail deer, turkey, pheasant, quail, fox, coyote, bobcat, and small game. We also get a real kick out of showing people around our place. We'd like to show you around, too.
On this website you will find the inside information and resources you need for making the best choice - to come hunting in Iowa.
To make your choice, you'll need to learn about the wildlife, hunting land, seasons, licenses and regulations, lodges and accomodations. We have all that information, plus links to sharing your harvest, Iowa weather, sun and moon charts.
My husband has never met a stranger only a newly found friend. He loves to talk about hunting as much as he loves to hunt. We sincerely hope you enjoy this website and encourage you to contact us - so we can talk about hunting in Iowa!

This 17 point mature whitetail buck was captured on one of our trail cameras on our property.
Doesn't he make your heart pound and your palms sweaty?
Going Home
My husband and daughter going home after the hunt and daydreaming about a trophy whitetail deer. One of my photos with a creative twist.
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