Whitetail Deer
Deer Hunting in Decatur County Iowa
Learn about whitetail deer hunting in Iowa - producing record-book bucks.
Iowa is a Great Whitetail Deer Hunting Location!
Phil's 174 inch Boone and Crocket 2001 Iowa buck.
Superior genetics, fertile soils, a great abundance of nutritious food, and security are the reasons. With expansive fields of corn, soybeans, small grains, alfalfa and clover, Iowa produces some of the biggest bucks on the continent. The average mature buck in Iowa scores an impressive 140 plus. There are plenty of 150s and 160s around. Record-book bucks are here in numbers that only Canada can match.

Deer populations vary according to available cover and in Southern Iowa, adequate cover has produced a good deer population. Even though deer are normally associated with forested areas and Iowa only has about 10% hardwoods timber, the brushy draws, fencelines, marshes, and grassy areas provided by the federal Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and the expansive crop fields, provides ideal habitat for whitetail deer.

This type of habitat offers high huntability. Well-defined food sources, clear travel corridors and limited bedding options make harvesting a large buck just a little easier than in other regions. However, whitetail deer hunting in Iowa is not without its obstacles. "Hunters should know the success rates in Iowa average 65-70% for shotgun, 50% for blackpowder, 30% for archery and 55% of the average annual harvest is antlerless does and button bucks (Iowa DNR)." Even in Iowa, there is not a "wall-hanger" hiding behind every tree.
Doe with two fawns grazing in a CRP field.
8 point whitetail buck caught by our deer cam.
The biggest bucks travel across small tracts of land, private farms and public hunting areas, and unless you know there's a big buck on the tract you are hunting, deer hunting in Iowa can be frustrating. Since we are lucky enough to live in Southern Iowa, we can learn things about deer year-round that will help you come hunting season. There is value in our winter forays to the deer woods, springtime shed antler hunting, summer field watching, and early fall scouting.
Iowa Fall Sunset
There are only so many autumns in a lifetime ... maybe this is the one you'll try to make that special trip you deserve. Whitetail hunting close to home is fun, but there's a lot more ground to cover in search of trophy bucks. If you love to hunt - come hunting in Iowa! When approached properly an Iowa deer hunt will prove to be the experience of ones hunting career.
Whitetail Deer
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This 8 point buck was caught by one of our trail cams.

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